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The Jacaranda City that teems with beauty and conservatism.

With a suburban sprawl that continues to advance and take over the surrounding greenbelt of countryside, the Greater Pretoria area is now home to a population exceeding two million. Officially known as Tshwane, Greater Pretoria contains many striking buildings. South Africa's administrative capital, Pretoria, lies between the Highveld plateau and the lower lying Bushveld, being around 56 km north of Johannesburg. The history of the city is said to have begun in the early 1600s, when the Ndebele tribe entered the river valley that hugs the modern-day site of Pretoria.

Buildings in Pretoria feature a marked colonial influence, along with touches of art deco and South African-style architecture. It boasts one of the largest collection of museums and galleries in South Africa. Strike up a conversation with any resident and you'll realise this city is not only a very friendly but fiercely proud. On that note, all hail South Africa’s administrative capital!

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