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Vibrant, Fast paced when Johannesburg moves Africa watches

The City of Gold, Johannesburg is South Africa's biggest city and the capital of Gauteng. Define Johannesburg by its differences as no two districts are the same. It's a smorgasbord of cultures that has a vibrant buzz. Business-minded and always on the go, this melting pot is home to some of the largest companies on the continent.

Johannesburg's rich and varied ethnicity also has a major influence on its offerings. From vendors at the Oriental Plaza, to high end designer stores in Sandton. Johannesburg really has something for everyone.

Jo'burg is an incredibly friendly, unstuffy city and there's a lot to see here, from sobering reminders of the country's recent past at the Apartheid Museum to the progressive streets of Melville. Use our guides to delve deeper into its districts and discover the perfect workspace for your business.

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City of Johannesburg