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Bold and Breathtakingly beautiful, The Mother City gets your spirit soaring.

Known as the 'Mother City' for its historical role in the development of South Africa, Cape Town is dominated by magnificent Table Mountain, its summit draped with unique flora and vineyards, and its base fringed by golden beaches.

With unrivalled coastlines, world class wineries, and extraordinary displays of nature - it's no wonder Cape Town is South Africa's most visited cities. It boasts an eclectic mix of cultures, and because of that has a diverse array of cuisines. But to eat here is an experience that goes beyond just taste. From street kitchens, rooftops bars to dining inside a restored railway carriage named the Atlantic Express, dishes are sampled in some of the most exciting and unusual of places.

A true multicultural city, Cape Town also attracts many ambitious companies, with an emerging tech and start-up scene cementing its place on the world stage. The region is colloquially referred to as "Silicon Cape", a nod to the legendary Silicon Valley in the US. Testament to this is the fact that there is no other region in Africa that has as many Coworking spaces. If you ever find yourself in Silicon Cape and in need of workspace, use our guide to delve deeper into its districts and discover the perfect place to work.

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