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Spritzed is a new way of finding workspace, built on community, flexibility, and a fundamental belief that entrepreneurship can be a force for good.

Our Mission

To Build a Network of Office Spaces for Startups.

We believe in fostering the spirit of entrepreneurship

We've all started our companies from somewhere; from our rooms, garages, back yards, cars, you name it. One thing that we all have in common is that once we start to grow, we want to have that professional identity, that place to do business from, heck, just to say to someone, “sure, step into my office.”

Our companies are dynamic, and need to be flexible. We believe that flexibility and affordability should go hand-in-hand. We are all trying to make do with the limited resources we can afford, and it's hard to commit to a long term lease when you’re not even certain of where you’ll be in 6 months, let alone 3 years.

We believe in the power of sharing

We are working with the most forward-looking workspace operators, start-ups, property developers, office providers, local councils and letting agents to find and offer you the very best space that is available today.

It's not just about sharing offices, it’s also about sharing knowledge and relations. Many of our space seekers and space providers discover business synergies while working together.